> My name is Roni Kaufman. I'm passionate about computer science, art and everything in between
> Currently, I work as a research engineer at re|thread
> My email address is ronikaufman[at]pm[dot]me. Don't hesitate to send me a (nice) message


> OpenProcessing
> GitHub
> Twitter / Mastodon / Instagram

Some projects

> Hommage à Molnár, a generative art project, and my first commercial print series (2022)
> The Human-Powered Generative Art Machine, an experiment in human-powered art, electronic paper and creative coding (2022)
> Poetical Computer Vision, one month of daily sketches, reinterpreting a portrait of Ada Lovelace with code (2021)
> Color Pals, a set of curated color palettes (2020 - today)
> Fillabyrinth, a procedural puzzle game made with p5.js (2020)